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The Offi ial Magaz

Dear Members, Over the years, umpteen people have sent us LEGO® stories suggesting we print books. Well, now we have, and the first one is available to club members even before we get full distribution through the


Entitled “The Unknown Galaxy” it is @ space adventure in eaturing Jim Spaceborn as the hero. You will find it offered on the Club Shop page at £1.95. But there will be two other books sold by LEGO retailers as well. Not story books but what we call “Activity Books”.

One is called “Hocus Pocus” and shows you how to do magic tricks using equipment built from your LEGO bricks. the other called “New Ideas” shows how to build all sorts of useful things like pencil boxes and pot plant holders from LEGO bricks. They will cost £2.95 each and you should look out for them either with the LEGO sets or in the book department of better toy stores, between now and

an exciting 56 pa comic-strip form,

We think these new books are just great, but will be interested to know what you think if you decide to get one. So why not write and tell us. But please don’t send us your stories as we are already preparing a lot of new titles for 1987 and have all the stories we can use!

ne a,


Bricks 'n Pieces Magazine

Editor Sue Lister

Reporters Meryl Haggarty, Shan Ryder The LEGO® Club

Wrexham, Clwyd LL13 7TQ

Cover photograph African Safari in the LEGOLAND


In 1980 the parents of two of our members set up SPECIALISED TOURS, to offer holidays to the LEGOLAND Park for Club Members and their families. What a success it has been! Thousands of members have now been on these tours, and it’s hard to tell who enjoys them most the children or their parents! The LEGOLAND Park seems to captivate all ages, while the high standard of hotels, food and other features of the tours far exceed expectations. Each year the programme grows, and the 1987 brochure now runs to 16 pages giving the widest range of LEGOLAND Park holidays ever. Besides the well-established coach tours there is now a huge selection of Independent Holidays, travelling in your own car or by alr.

lf time is limited, there is a 3-day air holiday flying direct to Billund Airport, which is right opposite the LEGOLAND Park. This holiday includes two nights half-board at the Hotel Vis-a-Vis and unlimited admission to the LEGOLAND Park. Longer air holidays are available, including a new 5-day LEGOLAND Park/Copenhagen holiday, and a range of fly-drive

options. Prices start at £240 for adults

and £120 for children under 12.

Motoring holidays get off to a fine start with a 19-hour cruise on one of the splendid D.F.D.S. ships from either Harwich or Newcastle. More like liners than ferries, your holiday starts as soon as you get aboard. A 6-day holiday with three nights halfboard at Hotel Vis-a-Vis, and unlimited admission to the LEGOLAND Park starts at £200 for adults and £110 for children under 16. Longer Motoring Holidays are available, combining the LEGOLAND Park with other centres.

New for 1987 is a range of Motoring Holidays staying on a Danish farm. Two farms have been selected offering homely accommodation, good food and the chance to enjoy the Danish countryside at very reasonable cost. A 6-day holiday,


three nights half-board and an admission ticket to the LEGOLAND Park costs from £110 for adults and £70 for children under 16.

Most popular of all, however, are still the 4, 5 and 6 day coach tours. ‘Coach Tour is probably not the right name though, as so little time is actually spent on the coach. It simply provides a convenient way getting you from place to place, and makes an effortless holiday for Mum and Dad (or Gran and Grandad!) These holidays represent excellent value, with prices starting at £125 for adults and £80 for children. The spendid hotels used on these fours all have their own indoor swimming pool, and if there’s ever a complaint it’s only that it’s time to come home!

With this is mind, two new ae ae; Exotic flamingoes and a coach holidays are being introduced Wiese huge elephant stand | LEGOLAND for 1987 an 8-day tour and a 10- (5 Za a in naturalistic | day tour! The 8-day tour takes in the ee Gee. habitats. | LEGOLAND Park and Copenhagen +5 jieane “Sy. ) One of the most popular features with plenty of time to enjoy both. ee ge ee Me | of the LEGOLAND Park in Billund, The 10-day tour is something really aN 2 ey eH a Denmark, has always been the special a super-tour combining | fees ie pit i Safari Ride where little zebra-striped Denmark and Norway! It includes oe Re: Pi ee ie ee a: cars.whizz you round a track through a full day at both the LEGOLAND JARRE: Sir: /egrue - | A E pad models of wild animals. Park and the Kongeparken near (iia il Gal ie: /Sig mast free at Gees ame il aa This year the models have all Stavanger, Scandinavia’s ee oF eee Set ee, ee SR a been replaced and they are fantastic. largest theme park. In between j=Sf 22 3 Re 0 > ge ky eee ee er Lions, giraffes, flamingoes all you'll visit Copenhagen,Oslo AA iRgge- = Slee af. POR ea Sy TTY EY 1 | the animals you would expect to see and magnificent mountains CECT Clits oie Gate 3 Sk) pee lee ee ee! | on areal African Safari are there. All and fjords. ee ae i eee) =| | Duilt from thousands of LEGO bricks

Coach tours are all , Pole BT ees iftue oe ae fs ae ae and not only life size but amazingly timed to co-incide with life-like too. school holidays, and do tena | The models were designed by to get booked up very the brilliant model-builder Leo Leth quickly so early booking is and his team, and took two years to strongly recommended. For complete! your copy of the 1987 Careful planting and landscaping brochure telephone it | creates a suitable setting for the Specialised Tours on fi AES ge BS iy AN a animals to help you feel that you Copthorne (0342)712785 Sj-——iama CM Mek ke really have had a glimpse of the or write to: . 7 pbefig 410) dae wonders of an African nature

SPECIALISED TOURS, | eT! Bi jes 34 reserve. Gorsebank House, Gorse Close, 2 br @

Copthorne, Crawley, Sussex RH10 3PY

(Specialised Tours is a fully-bonded ABTA tour operator).

B it is hard to believe that

B these lifelike : , : —, zebras and giraffes One of the little Zebra-striped

ie are built from & cars passes a family of lions = LEGO bricks. : with cubs.


Fe : -~ + + BEA fad

to T * 3 _ vim, : Ya ah i + E>” |. We : ea ae

_ | ' 2 i a

=a - a = hh ik Boo a & 1 ge wd 7 ip 4 Sige ee i a q a






NO PROBLEM! | | aust water tus! ALL | DOIS.-.+-






Just in time for the new skiing season, LEGO bring you The Ski Chopper has a pilot and working rotor blade

a completely new range of figures and models. and fan, just the thing for the rescue missions sure to be Whether or not you ski let your imagination be whisked —_ needed in the depths of the Arctic winter.

off to the frozen wastes to join the all new LEGO Technic The Snow Ranger comes with a small snow plough

Arctic Explorer Sets. inside it. This is manned by two action figures and will clear a There are four models in the range with new moveable path to the Mountain Rescue Base which is the flagship

figures which are fully jointed and are so life like they look as__ of the range with two figures, a light helicopter and pneumatic

though they are really gliding along on their skis. platform to take the helicopter to it’s launch pad on the roof of

The sets range from a steerable Ski Buggy to 47a ™» the base.

the fully equipped Rescue Base. All models 74 \“» The Arctic explorer range will be available from

October in all good

feature action figures and the LEGO technic 3 LEGO stockists.

equipment found in all your other Technic sets.

Ba eg Bee id ees mb


A “Golden’ Master Builde members whose models a photograph of a special m and how you built it, an Master Builder if yourmod Bricks’

A Steven Ward A Abigail Fox A Philip Jell

from Arbroath, has built a map of Age 8, from Emsworth, decided to Age 7, from Maidenhead, used his

Britain. Using the grid from Duffy's use her teddy as a model. His name bricks to build an elephant.

page over an atlas to work out the _is Super Ted.

model. A A Timothy Danby

A Adrian Green Age 6, from Stroud, Glos, has decided Paul Longdin Age 11, from Nuneaton, used his to build a tractor and crop sprayer as

Age 6, from Boxford. This is a lovely LEGO bricks to build a Cuckoo Clock he is interested in farm machinery. idea for Christmas, Santa Claus with like the one his Grandma brought 6 reindeer and sledge. back from Germany.

' PRT His, Soca” ce : Oe a ee ee Fe a eer = = Ng pi Ae

en Oe ea A eat 8

= 7 ts

A. "as Rake Frat


Se ee ae a el

eee eee eo

ee eee

fl re ca ara


adge goes to each of the shown here. If you have a al, send it in telling us why 1100 could become a shown in the next issue of leces.

A Douglas Wilson A Ben Crimp A Benjamin Hale A William Green \ge 8, from Maidstone. After visiting Age 8, from Farnham, built an Age 8, from Grimsby, built this-lovely From Reedley, built this American ondon with his Daddy he built a. articulated truck detailed with an model of his dalmation called Disney. truck which carries a jeep. The truck nodel of Tower Bridge. As you can _ aerial horn, port and starboard lights, has steering, 4 cylinder suspension ee the bridge lifts up and down. spanner and spotlight. A David Strazds on the trailer wheels and a pneumatic A Fi 10 Age 6, from Barnby Dun. His Grandma _‘@!! gate so that the jeep can be

“a Julian Howart Michael meant has a push button telephone which _—-‘@Ken off. ‘rom Chorlton-cum-Hardy, sent this Age 7, from Warminster, built this he has copied using his LEGO

icture of a model scooter. It has steam train. bricks. ear Suspension, working piston ingineé and steering.


_ Android on the giant Models shoulder


(1:2z) SAWLL OML

One type of model | have been making recently has been giant copies of the models % you can buy. Here is a jolly one of the little Android (robot) from the Saturn Ranger Set 6952. Ga) | | = He turns his head, flashes a light in his face and | eh es , pe aa waggles his left ear (antenna) fe! 4 very silly eh! jee

He is twenty times bigger than the real thing! anne

This is called “scaling up, one to twenty”’(1:20) a —— How about trying to scale up something like it— , .

not as big of course! Maybe two or three times the size?

| use a Scale Ruler to measure with: its just like an ordinary ruler but all the numbers have already been multiplied.

I've drawn one for you you can use it to measure the small model and it will tell you how many bricks up or across you need to build the big model.

If you think this sounds a fun idea, why not have a go?



oar Mae AEKdGRGUKE ag ne 3 Aa it ag i fel, i


The hand of the

_ Giant Model Archer witha LEGO model inside Pe UP wUGp ©) > 3 Th A Giant Model of a LEGO Archer


O— 3-6 —9 = 0 1 8 = yo

Ll. | ae eae


Gareth Jones



8 and Under We had some great ideas and pictures Andrew Barr from the mosaic competition so | had Runner up quite a job to decide on the winners. Hebbal! In the junior section (8 and under) | chose Gareth Jones’ dinosaur Tony Howard mosaic as the winner and Andrew Winner

9 and Over

Barrs’ Kingfisher picture as runner up.

In the nine and overs the winner was Tony Howard with his dragon. Tony also did an excellent ship picture. Melanie Brooks was the runner up with a well thought out butterfly picture.

Congratulations to these winners

who all receive LEGO Basic Sets and many thanks to the other members who sent in entries. |

Melanie Brooks Runner up 9 and Over

Light and Sound resel who send the first 20 correct entries for this competition. To win one of these great new Light and Sound sets you need to correctly identify the missing piece of picture. Put a cross in the box of the piece you think will complete the picture and send your entry to The LEGO Club, Competition Time, Wrexham, Clwyd LL13 7TQ.



Name orcs: ARee cc ee i |

PACICEESS -22erperra aay «i tvaecdoccseantersentey ee ccehese =

. POO er cere teiiy Seaway vu svae uate enero rau : Closing date for the competition is 21st November, 1986

Club member Jamie Harle from West Lothian, sent

us a picture of some flags he had built, which gave us

the idea for this edition’s competition. We want you to

identify the six flags pictured and tell us which country they belong to. Send your entry on a postcard to:

The LEGO Club

Flags Competition, Wrexham, Clwyd, LL13 7TQ

The first 20 correct entries will receive one of the New

TECHNIC ACTION Ski Choppers Closing Date is November 21st, 1986.

| = = | 3 CLUB MEMBER'S DREAM awn 3 be in reside | W. = 8Pace WINS HIM hn Pe Richard Humphreys, a club member from Wallasey, You wan there will be aos Merseyside has won a Lee writing competition and a Parcels) | ONE OF Santa's s prize of £500. : : Richard’s winning entry was written around the family's 14 Show opens holiday on the Continent when he fulfilled his dream to th and ry On Novem visit the LEGOLAND Park in Billund, Denmark. 10th. Dong SUM Januar Pe As Richard is a LEGO maniac his essay impressed the - Pi Miss ry judges with his enthusiasm for the subject. “I think it was Clure Of the fz the best holiday we ever had” he wrote “because of the PIECE from the ele Centre nice caravan sites and scenery, but above all because of Show jn Dublin = Worie the LEGOLAND Park”. vein. |

Richard is seen here receiving his cheque from Janet Ellis presenter of BBC's ‘Blue Peter’ programme. WELL DONE Richard. we To

10 : Pee: gree

A\1902 Technic Rally Cap 85p /4\1910 T-Shirt Age 6 Chest 56cm Length 45cm £3.00 AA $20 Club Badge 30p

1919 New LEGO Stickers 15p (1 sheet)

1931 LEGO Club Pen £1.50 A Sheaffer ball point pen - ink colour blue (not suitable for children under 3)

If you want the book in time for Christmas please send your order in as soon as possible as the Club Shop gets very very

busy in December.

live’ ) 999 Letsbe Avenue David Jones

Q@.What do you call a man under acar? Jack

@. What do you call a fish a sits ona branch? Perch. Joanne Astle

Abhin Shah |

1917 LEGO Club Patch 30p

@.Where does a policeman @.What day of the year is a @.What are

1911 T-Shirt Age 8 Chest 60 cm Length 58cm £3.00 ' SEND TO 1912 T-Shirt Age 10 Chest 64cm Length 55cm £3.00 AN paki ek ee Sup Bag 8 The LEGO Club 1913 T-Shirt Age 12 Chest 70cm Length 70cm £3.00 Sot kit £4.50. Klaas Club Shop

Wrexham, Clwyd LL13 7TQ

om] 8 | | Number | Quantity sete Price [e300 | Te



| £1.50 £4.50

= _

Length 39cm. Diameter 21cm.

The Unknown Galaxy is a 56 - one page colour comic strip Ki eres adventure story featuring Jim a ee Spaceborn as the hero.

This is just one of the new LEGO books to be introduced in time for Christmas.


includes 35p postage = and packing

1910 1911 1912 1913 1917




To irs) S/218

at = if u o ith BS | i D a a 5 a = te

the dentists

command to go forward? favourite letters? Total Price eda March 4th. |.C.D.K. (Isee decay) Miles Morgan Benjamin Wong ( / 7 Q. What kind of crisps fly? PSU EANT Deeg sere wr aes nc eee ee Plane crisps Address 240405025

Hannah Steyne

eo: i...

@,) Le ye)

@. How do pixies eat’? By goblin SGanon Middleton

+ * @ a a cy a a cy 7 " a a cy cy a a CT 1 a CT a a a a a a a ry a a 7 a a rT a a 7 a a ry a a ry a a ry a a ry a a LJ 7 a . s . 5

Postcode Cheque/Postal Order should be made i i 11

payable to LEGO UK LIMITED [ Please allow 28 days for delivery

© 1986 The LEGO Group

z is uy b fs i) is E = = 5 Lee] =| 2 ua v ra se) se | g o si) e 5 Si D ca fs = Ae a G AS) 2 By = 2 = & bl,


2 5 5 oO 18, S o So a 5 S a) : i Le = 2) O wu) S e) wy = d 3 5 G FS e =

left but

I'm sure you'll be able to adapt the plans to use the LEGO wheels and parts in yourown LEGO ot” Se


ly we don't have

a fj Fa wa bal : an o a ww wh) & in | 5 a) oO = oo ai a oO A = rs a] = mo ug | | O 4B L ras tL) 5 is) o A Lt} = O O jae po | a io e


2 seater 1913 CADILLAC which was in the LEGOrange

We've been looking

through the archives at some of the models

which are no longer in

the LEGO range and thought club members might like to try and build this model from their own LEGO collection. This model is 2

in 1975. Unfortunate

any of the special wheels