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* Strong violence and strong language * Prevalent nudity * Mild sexual situations


100 minutes Science Fiction . oo

pe sibesalieck _ In the future, alien invasion is a daily occurrence. Aliens are everywhere, particularly in Le

e Executive Producer Taro Maki | t hools. § Hast the d Yuri and her 6th de Ali P Ganmmenteon Alien Nine elementary schools. Someone has to save the day, so Yuri and her 6th grade Alien

e Behind-the-Scenes Video Party are elected for this grotesque and unpopular assignment. Packed with extra features, (Making the English Dub) this DVD is part of Central Park Media’s Collector’s Series.

e Art Gallery

; : . From the screenwriter of Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress e Alien Nine Graphic

Novel Preview “ENTERTAINING adventure”’

UPC: 7-19987-22412-4 - Sci Fi Magazine ISBN: 1-58664-237-5

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | Graphic 752241 $19.95


available KOCH USC-DV-2241 324.99 x ae USMD 2241 $19.95 CpmPress.com




wey © ‘1007 ABCA


Classic stories by Japan’s most beloved authors come to life in this beautifully animated series. Each DVD includes Author Biographies, Previews, and a DVD-ROM with Scripts, Production Credits, an Art Gallery, and is Subtitled Only.

SUGGESTED NEW LOW PRICE! Comedy/Drama Pp i oe ee e Botchan by classic author Soseki Natsume: The new math teacher Botchan challenges ISBN: 1-58664-271-5 students and peers alike in one hilarious situation after another!

e Student Days by Kume Masao: Kenkichi is given a lucky charm while preparing for exams.

“Entertaining as well as educational”

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | - Anime.com WEA 872275 $9.95


Sis Spry



= Drama SUGGESTED NEW LOW PRICE! e The Harp of Burma by renowned author Takeyama Michio: Private Mizushima is sent Ug 75 minutes F : ae his : ; : to stop fanatical patriots from sacrificing their lives to destroy their enemies. UPC: 7-19987-22732-3 f ; ; ISBN: 1-58664-269-3 ¢ Season of the Sun by Ishihara Shintaro: Tsugawa was a ladies man until he met Eiko.

“Il am in awe...and upon viewing, lam definitely hooked”

- PhantasmagoriaOnline.com

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | WEA

872273 $9.95

KOCH CPM-DV-2273 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET CPM CPMD2273 $9.95



ee eB NeWLower'ce! Drama 75 minutes e The Izu Dancer by Kawabata Yasunari: An endearing tale of a fleeting summertime te UPC: 7-19987-22772-9 romance P

ay ee ¢ The Dancing Girl by Mori Ohgai: Can the worlds of business and ballet co-exist?

e A Ghost Story by Koizumi Yakumo: A blind lute player performs for members of a long deceased family. j

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | “Great stories that are WEA

872277 $9.95

more than worthy of KOCH CPM-DV-2277 311.99 your attention” - Newtype USA Magazine


& S = S > N wy =

NEW LOW PRICE! Drama 13 ~ ANIMATED C 75 minutes e The Sound of Waves by Mishima Yukio: The love story of a simple fisherman and a P CLASSI alee itera woman who returns to his island.

OF JAPANESE LITERATURE ISBN: 1-58664-276-6 : . cai . ‘x Souwn or WAVES ¢ Growing Up by Higuchi Ichiyo: A rival gang comes between two lovers!

Parts 162 hry Metres Yu

“These little masterpieces certainly deserve to meet with success”

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | - Animerica

WEA 872280 $9.95

KOCH CPM-DV-2280 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET CPM CPMD2280 $9.95

& Ey = re iS 2 S S a = =


Program Run Time: 40 minutes Comedy +16 ~ oupnanuenenaee Commentary Run Time: 40 minutes It's always been Kuromi’s dream to work at an anime production studio,

Tptal Run Tine SenTInUtes but her first day on the job is way more than she bargained for! Part of

DVD Features: Central Park Media’s Collector’s Series.

¢ Director's Commentary by Akitaroh Daichi From the creator of Fruits

e Alternate Angle Storyboard Feature Basket, Now and Then, Here

(view entire program in storyboard form) and There and Kodocha

e Interview with U.S. Voice Actor Lisa Ortiz 7

* Art & Sketch Gallery Winner of the best OVA at the

¢ Director's Diary Tokyo International Anime Fair

e The Animation Process - A Mini-Documentary . Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | UPC: 7-19987-23342-3 WEA 752334 $9.95

KOCH USC-DV-2334 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2334 $9.95




45 minutes Comedy

DVD Features: Kuromi is back, and more determined than ever to make it in the anime

eee Oe Sere ean business. But all hell breaks loose when the boss quits smoking just (view entire program in storyboard form) : :

e Interview with Director Akitaroh Daichi when the workload bursts out of control. Can Kuromi overcome this

e Art & Sketch Gallery almost insurmountable obstacle?

UPC: 7-19987-24892-2

ISBN: 1-58664-485-8 Winner - 2005 Tokyo Anime Fair

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP 752489 $19.95

KOCH USC-DV-2489 $24.99 PRICE CODE: LN USMD 2489 $19.95



140 minutes Action/Adventure 13

oe ian Fubuki is a girl whose only goal in life is to be the best...at arcade games! e Festival Promo Trailer When an evil organization attempts world domination, Fubuki must battle ¢ 6 Minute Bonus Episode the wackiest bunch of video game villains ever assembled. Part of Central « Music Videos Park Media's Collector’s Series.

eiue wonta's <i ¢ Storyboards

Re eae arti e Textless Opening f e Voice Actress Interview

From the Screenwriter of Cowboy Bebop

“Quirky, zany and all-around funny” - Animerica UPC: 7-19987-23632-5

ISBN: 1-58664-359-2 Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | 752363 $29.95

KOCH USC-DV-2363 $36.99 PRICE CODE: RN USMD 2363 $29.95

4 a z & ua = ro) rt z S i <=



46 minutes Action/Adventure rs) DVD Features: The only witnesses to a mob hit, Ryo and Robert have been shot at, run off the road,

*Ant Gallery and nearly blown to pieces. With no place else to turn, they fight back the only way they know UPC: 7-19987-23142-9 how - with their fists!

ISBN: 1-58664-310-X

From the director of Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle and Battle Angel Alita

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP |

KOCH USC-DV-2314 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2314 $9.95



60 minutes Action/Adventure Li

bene Ayane is a high school student with dreams of becoming a pro wrestler! But what will P she do when the top contender of the “All Japan Kickboxing League” challenges her to a

UPC: 7-19987-24202-9 duel? Can she high-kick her way to victory? ISBN: 1-58664-416-5

From the screenwriter of Cutey Honey

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP

WEA 752420 $9.95 “A joy to watch”

- TOKYOPOP R KOCH USC-DV-2420 ane : CPM USMD 2420 9.95 = SUGGESTED 60 minutes Action/Adventure UB ee uf A year ago, the battle between master swordsman Eiji Shinjo and the infamous Gaia was Retrospective Video interrupted by agents of the sinister Organization. Now, these fighters have reunited to settle the e Fight Montage Video score between them once and for all! at eee From director MASAMI OHBARI

el a (Bubblegum Crisis)

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP

WEA 152224 $9.95

KOCH USC-DV-2224 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2224 $9.95

a = = SJ ge | a = = 5 a

Comedy/Science Fiction 13 eo minutes The spoiled rich girls of the St. Ignacio’s Debutante Club are planning to unleash their DVD Features: : , ; : * Storyboards robotic combat suits and conquer the world! Only the mysterious Lightning Attacker e Japanese TV Spots Exstars Super-Team and their prototype Battle Skipper Robots dare to stand in their way.

UPC: 7-19987-22872-6 ISBN: 1-58664-283-9 “A good choice for fans of Sailor Moon or Project A-ko” - Animation On DVD


Science Fiction SUGGESTED 75 minutes A mysterious race of aliens has appeared to halt mankind’s expansion into space. Now, 13 ae cn a desperate battle is waged across the Martian landscape with every weapon at P e allery Pay is __ : ating

mankind's disposal. Will it be enough against the aliens’ mind control plague?

UPC: 7-19987-22262-5 ISBN: 1-58664-222-7

“Grand scale space opera and small-scale personal horror”

- Scifi.com Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | 752226 $9.95 KOCH USC-DV-2226 ci 1.99 USMD 2226 $9.95


300 minutes Action/Adventure 3 DVD Features: The renegade doctor is in, and bizarre medical mysteries are his specialty. A Up * Episodes 1-6 on 3 DVDs genius, a mercenary, and a madman, his name is Black Jack, and if your situation is

e Director's Commentary by

Osamu Dezaki (Episode 3) terminal, he will help you cheat death...for a terrible price!

UPC: 7-19987-24182-4

ISBN: 1-58664-413-0 From the creator of Metropolis,

Kimba the White Lion, and Astroboy

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP 752418 $49.95

KOCH USC-DV-2418 $61.99 PRICE CODE: 3JF USMD 2418 $49.95

ee = Ss S wy 4 3 So s a 5 = x< So = Ss a

SUGGESTED 200 minutes Action/Adventure 13 DVD Features: Renegade surgeon Black Jack evades the law as he solves P

° ee oo by Osamu Dezaki inexplicable medical mysteries that verge on the paranormal.

e Episodes 7-10 on 4 DVDs

ae ae

UPC: 7-19987-24702-4

i“ i i ISBN: 1-58664-466-1 Every episode is GRIPPING

- SequentialTart.com

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP |

WEA 752470 $49.95


is je = & Re 3 a A 4 -4 : -

wvivies BOUl BOWIs

KOCH USC-DV-2470 p61, 99 USMD 2470 $49.95


Menon we ont 100 minutes Action/Adventure 13 ail (3 Ph anise In a world where the grim reaper can strike at any time, a brilliant renegade surgeon P © Contains Episodes 1&2 : f ; baat ley 4 Art Gallery known only as Black Jack operates outside the law. For the rich and dying, he performs - ¥ miracles of a macabre medical nature. Unafraid of mysteries that verge on the paranormal, Black UPC: 7-19987-23772-8 Jack is the one man with the power to cheat

an Pee death...for a terrible price!

“Anime Pick of the Month”

- Wizard Magazine Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | * 752377 $24.95

KOCH USC-DV-2377 $30.99 PRICE CODE: P USMD 2377 $24.95


100 minutes Action/Adventure 13 eh iuscahe Two victims thrash in agony, scarred by the war of nations. Renegade doctor Black Jack P * Director's Commentary by is caught in the crossfire. With Death breathing down his neck, he braves bullets and

Osamu Dezaki (Episode 3) | deadly biohazards to save the afflicted. Will the detective doctor prevail once more? Or will he pay the ultimate price

for his mercenary ways?

UPC: 7-19987-23782-7 ISBN: 1-58664-374-6

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | “A perfect representative

WEA 752378 $24.95

of Osamu Tezuka’s imagination”

KOCH USC-DV-2378 $30.99 - PopCultureShock.com USMD 2378 $24.95

binecrows 0 COMMENTARY ri |



te Ee, Action/Adventure 3

ce oe datee Black Jack encounters a young man with an unusual - even paranormal - affliction. Bullet wounds mysteriously appear on his body, bleed, and disappear. Could this have

UPC: 7-19987-23792-6 anything to do with an operation performed

ISBN: 1-58664-375-4 many years before by a brilliant, but unknown doctor?

“I can't get enough of this show” - AnimeFromJapan.com

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP 752379 $24.95

KOCH USC-DV-2379 $30.99 PRICE CODE: P USMD 2379 $24.95


SUGGESTED 50 minutes . =e DVD Features: Action/Adventure

* Contains Episode 7 In a war zone devastated by minefields and strife, a dying child is missing. She fights a P e Art Gallery foe more deadly than any terrorist. Her heart is a time bomb that will kill her even as the UPC: 7-19987-23802-2 explosions annihilate her home. Can renegade

ISBN: 1-58664-376-2 doctor Black Jack recover his patient before both their lives are claimed by war?

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP “A CLASSIC unto itself”

752380 - SequentialTart.com

KOCH USC-DV-2380 $24.99 PRICE CODE: LN USMD 2380 $19.95


50 minutes Action/Adventure 13 a as A sinister tree lurks over a village, sheltering the inhabitants for a terrible price. Victims P © Contains Episode 8 f : » Art Gallery are plagued by voices, then driven to madness and death. When renegade surgeon Black

Jack operates on the latest casualty, he discovers a horrifying parasitic plant. Now the doctor UPC: 7-19987-23812-1 who plays at being god must defy the

ISBN Ronee rohit ancient fury of nature!

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP |

KOCH USC-DV-2381 $24.99 PRICE CODE: LN USMD 2381 $19.95


50 minutes Action/Adventure SUGGESTED

Pavleeetatsutcas Arich man hires Black Jack to cure him of a mysterious tumor...shaped like a human UB

ce aie face! Meanwhile, the city is plagued by a serial killer suffering from the same ailment. Black Jack must solve the mystery

UPC: 7-19987-24632-4 before the murderer strikes again. ISBN: 1-58664-459-9

“Go check this gem out now!” - AnimeSou.com A Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP

WEA 752463 $19.95 Ee a

KOCH USC-DV-2463 $24.99 PRICE CODE: LN USMD 2463 $19.95



50 minutes Action/Adventure 13 cae A young woman is poisoned by toxic waste and begins to deform...or transform. Black P * Osamu Tezuka Biography Jack operates and discovers that she might be transforming into a mermaid. Is there a

¢ Director's Commentary by connection between the victim's illness and the

Osamu Dezaki ancient myth?

UPC: 7-19987-24642-3 ISBN: 1-58664-460-2 “Anime fans who like ER should definitely

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP check this series out’’ 752464 19.95 - AnimeFromJapan.com


Bera K! ~

$19. KOCH USC-DV-2464 $24.99 PRICE CODE: LN USMD 2464 $19.95

is) = x = = a & s s = a a


3 75 minutes All Ages/Family aeace WHO We .| CVO Features: In this beautifully animated fable, a hunter's son is raised by polar ALL AGES. THE BOY sae ie e S bears in the Arctic wild. As the boy matures, he must choose between Background Information on the Story & . : te y 10 BE A BE Production Staff his adopted family and his human roots. 7 e Art Gallery

e English & French with English Subtitles

UPC: 7-19987-24532-7 WINNER-Best Children’s Film Award ISBN: 1-58664-449-1 -2003 Norwegian Children’s Film Festival

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP 872453 $29.95

Q = : : : :


All Ages/Famil Giieaee ENGLISH ONLY aL ae AUDIENCE, 75 minutes The award-winning film in Anamorphic Widescreen Format, and in ALL AGES DVD Features: English only.


e Anamorphic Widescreen Format e English Dialogue only

UPC: 7-19987-24842-7 WINNER-Adult Jury Award Children’s Jury Award ISBN: 1-58664-480-7 =2003 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

DiEPIUISE | Catalog saleetion s | SRP From Les Armateurs, the production studio behind the 872484 $19.95 Academy Award® nominated French animation, KOCH CPM-DV-2484 $24.99 The Triplets of Belleville PRICE CODE: LN CPMD2484 $19.95

CAT SOUP. corcector’s SERIES EDITION WITH LIQUID ART PACKAGING Program Run Time: 33 minutes Drama/Adventure

Commentary Run Time: 34 minutes When little kitten Nyaako’s soul is stolen by Death, she and her brother Nyatta p as ee GP minutes embark on a bizarre journey to get it back. In the surreal dreamscape of the Other * Director Commentary Track Side, they encounter many fantastic characters

¢ Interview with Director Tatsuo Sato and remarkable, often disturbing adventures.

* Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround This award-winning and critically acclaimed

° Art Gallery program is part of Central Park Media’s

Collector's Series.


UPC: 7-95243-62182-1 ISBN: 1-57800-568-X

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP 436218 $24.95

KOCH SOF-DV-6218 $30.99 PRICE CODE: P SSDVD-6218 $24.95


SUGGESTED Program Run Time: 33 minutes Drama/Adventure

Commentary Run Time: 34 minutes. The award-winning film in standard DVD packaging. This award-winning and critically TEE BU Mines oi anne acclaimed program is part of Central Park

DVD Features: ep : + Director Commentary Track Media's Collector's Series.

e Interview with Director Tatsuo Sato

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround “An exhilarating,

¢ Art Gallery mind blowing trip” - Anime Insider

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP


UPC: 7-95243-62192-0 ISBN: 1-57800-569-8

a > i} a 5 So

KOCH SOF-DV-6219 $24.99 PRICE CODE: LN SSDVD-6219 $19.95

Won double prizes in the 6th Fantasia Film Festival: “Best Short Film” and “Film Critic’s Association Prize”

Za Hunter D: Bioodiust!





45 minutes Science Fiction 13

DVD Features: F i io c8 * DVD-ROM with Character John Stalker is sent to a warzone to test a prototype robot suit, but his rival sees a P Designs, Storyboards, perfect opportunity to eliminate him!

id Artwork i From the Director of M.D. Geist and

UPC: 7-19987-17742-0 Blue Gender: The Warrior.

ISBN: 1-56219-774-6 “IMPRESSIVE animation and action sequences”

Catalog / Selection # - AnimeCritics.com

Di WwW

KOCH USC-DV-1774 cl 1.99

EA USMD 1774 $9.95



83 minutes Supernatural Action/Adventure B3 DVD Features: In the gothic landscape of the future, the Persona Century Corporation owns the world. P © Character Profiles : : yn

Resistance is suppressed with lethal force, and the last rebels hide in a lawless freezone UPC: 7-19987-22862-7 known as Darkside. But now, Darkside has spawned a new leader, a dark mystic with awesome ISBN: 1-58664-282-0 psychic powers!

From the creator of the Vampire Hunter D series and the director of Sakura Wars: The Movie

Catalog / Selection # | SRP “A potently beautiful film” 752286 $19.95 = Science Fiction Weekly

KOCH USC-DV-2286 $24.99 PRICE CODE: LN USMD 2286 $19.95


Supernatural Action/Adventure 82 minutes Kyoya’s father was a great warrior, but he died at the hands of a diabolical psychic who DVD Features: unleashed demons upon the Earth. Now Kyoya must unlock his latent powers and finish ana pees the battle his father started. UPC: 7-19987-22912-9 From the director of The Animatrix episode “Program,” Vampire Hunter D: ISBN: 1-58664-287-1 Bloodlust and Ninja Scroll

Rated as one of Animerica magazine's “Top 13 Scary Anime”

Distributor Catalog / Selection # | SRP | “TOO GOOD TO MISS”

752291 $9.95 eal - Animerica

KOCH USC-DV-2291 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2291 $9.95


325 minutes Supernatural Action/Adventure 13

re, Take a strange journey into the world of a mysterious cluster of gothic young men P

pala eri 4Dvps___ Known as Death Guardians. Follow their adventures as they protect the world of the living from the supernatural threats from Beyond! Perfect for fans of the Anne Rice vampire series!

B UPC: 7-19987-22202-1 ISBN: 1-58664-216-2 “Solid mix of supernatural action and mystery, with just a hint of camp”

- AnimeJump.com Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP

WEA 752220 $39.95

KOCH USC-DV-2220 349.99 USMD 2220 $39.95

= 2 BR S ir 4 3 rs) s a an ra = = = S o S 2 = = a a a


75 minutes Supernatural Action/Adventure 13

DESCENDANTS ra py aticin st re A vampire is on the loose, and it’s up to dashing supernatural detective Tsuzuki to stop p la es = Charactat ati her! The Ministry has sent him a new partner, a volatile young man with a mysterious VAMPIRES LURE past. Together, they're on the most dangerous A

UPC: 7-19987-22162-8 mission of their afterlives! ISBN: 1-58664-212-X “This beautifully animated

- Animerica Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP

KOCH USC-DV-2216 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2216 $9.95


75 minutes . SUGGESTED DVD Features: Supernatural Action/Adventure

13 * Contains Episodes 4-6 A musician inherits a haunted violin, and his skills increase to superhuman levels! P e Art & Sketch Gallery Detective Tsuzuki is called to investigate, but before he can vanquish the demon, he himself is possessed. Now, it’s up to his brash young partner to solve the mystery and save him.

a 9) nn

Mist Vinca}

UPC: 7-19987-22172-7 ISBN: 1-58664-213-8

“A lot of fun to watch” - AnimeOnDVD.com

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP

WEA 152217 $9.95

KOCH USC-DV-2217 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2217 $9.95


: . SUGGESTED 75 minutes Supernatural Action/Adventure 13 sli oat Tsuzuki tracks a murderer to a cruise ship where occult forces are brewing, and Pp ¢ Contains Episodes 7-9

* Virtual Tarot Card Reading Passengers are dying at an alarming rate. ¢ Fun Facts Video

UPC: 7-19987-22182-6 isp Ghenees SiMe “STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL”

- AnimeNewsNetwork.com

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP

WEA 752218 $9.95

KOCH USC-DV-2218 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2218 $9.95

TUEIEN cavenedt deity ENGLISH sua)

vines Fr


100 minutes Supernatural Action/Adventure SUGGESTED Oden oie jesto13. ‘mad scientist stalks Tsuzuki, seeking to cage him and clone his supernatural powers. te «Character Profiles Trapped in the diabolical doctor’s laboratory, Tsuzuki comes face to face with his oldest

enemy, a vengeful immortal who has

UPC: 7-19987-22192-5 hunted him throughout his afterlife. ISBN: 1-58664-215-4

“GRIPPING” - Newtype USA Magazine

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP

WEA 752219 $9.95 ce ee

KOCH USC-DV-2219 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2219 $9.95



159 minutes Action/Adventure 13 DVD Features:

» Trivia Quiz If it weren’t for the horrific dreams, Tomoru would be having the time of his life cutting P classes and playing video games. But an alien intelligence has invaded his mind, and is

UPC: 7-19987-23372-0 about to plunge him into an interstellar war. Battleships are headed for earth, and Tomoru’s

ISBN: 1-58664-333-9 psychic link is humanity's only hope. Almost 3 hours of non-stop action!

Directed by MASAMI OHBARI (Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture and Bubblegum Crisis}

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP “The film has an alr of mystery and

752337 $19.95 pacing that’s more indicative of

KOCH USC-DV-2337 $24.99 live-action than anime” PRICE CODE: LN - Play Magazine USMD 2337 $19.95



375 minutes Comedy/Science Fiction 13 cenehenaneme Junta has a problem: he’s deathly allergic to girls! All this changes when a P Episodes 1-15 onSDVDs _ Deautiful woman arrives from the future and transforms him into the

Mega-Playboy, the suavest girl-magnet around.

UPC: 7-19987-23192-4

ISBN: 1-58664-315-0 From the creator of Video Girl Ai

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP “ENTERTAINING” 752319 $40.05] Protoculture Addicts KOCH USC-Dv-2319 | 901.99 PRICE CODE: 5EL

EA USMD 2319 $49.95



75 minutes Comedy/Science Fiction 13 a owe Junta is hopelessly allergic to girls. His dreams come true when a beautiful woman from

© Contains Episodes 1-3 eae betes

e Art Gallery the future transforms him into the super-suave Mega-Playboy. But the transformation is

© Sketch Gallery unstable, and if Junta can’t unravel the time traveler’s mystery, he (and the fate of the world)

will never be the same! UPC: 7-19987-22322-6

ISBN: 1-58664-228-6 “Good sense of humor, attractive artwork and some vigorous voice acting”

- Mewtype USA Magazine Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | P 9

tomatic WEA 752232 $9.95 a Lee acl

u 2e isan

KOCH USC-DV-2232 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2232 $9.95


75 minutes Comedy/Science Fiction 13 DD Features: Space age technology transforms girl-phobic Junta into the infamous Mega-Playboy! UB . ican) ere (He hasn’t got any special powers, but the force of his charm is superhuman.) All the

° Sketch Gallery prettiest girls in school fall madly in love

© Character Profiles with him, and with so many in pursuit,

mayhem is sure to follow! UPC: 7-19987-22452-0

ISBN: 1-58664-241-3 “A lot of laugh out loud moments throughout the episodes”

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | <nmumeanYe irom

KOCH USC-DV-2245 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2245 $9.95

wy S = a a gs = By = a

Romantig BLL TIMES!



75 minutes Comedy/Science Fiction 13 DVD Features: The Mega-Playboy wreaks havoc throughout the school, wooing every female in his path. : ae ire Worse, Karin finds herself falling for her own

© Sketch Gallery flirtatious creation. If she cures him, she'll lose

* Creator/Designer Biography the only man she’s ever loved, but if she doesn't, the Mega-Playboy will break the heart of every

girl on Earth!

UPC: 7-19987-22462-9 ISBN: 1-58664-242-1

Distributor Catalog / Selection # | SRP | “DON’T PASS IT UP”

752246 - Newtype USA Magazine

= 2 Ee & 2 = = a

KOCH USC-DV-2246 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2246 $9.95

G _ Comedy/Science Fiction +13 eatures: ij i ; i = Contena pRaeAN dE When Ryuuji meddles with technology that he doesn’t understand, he transforms into a Pp

© Behind-the-Scenes Video dangerous shape-shifter. Unable to handle his new powers, Ryuuji sets out to take over (Dubbing Against the Clock: the school, win the love of all the girls, and teach everyone who's ever insulted him a painful Making the English Dub with ~~ Jesson. Only his genetically altered classmate Junta can stop him, by becoming the most unlikely Voice Actor Liam O'Brien) of heroes, the infamous Mega-Playboy!

UPC: 7-19987-22472-8 ae P ISBN: 1-58664-243-X “A great sci-fi romantic comedy”

- Anime-Reviews.net

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP |

KOCH USC-DV-2247 $11.99 PRICE CODE: ET USMD 2247 $9.95

wy & z= A S & x 2 a

a Comedy/Science Fiction 12 eatures: , z = Gontane Epiendes 4348 Junta’s teenage great-granddaughter Lulara appears from the future, but not for a joyful Pp

family reunion. To save her own life and the future of all her kin, she’s determined to permanently transform Junta into the Mega-Playboy. His one chance for survival may be to

UPC: 7-19987-22482-7 destroy his flirtatious alter-ego...but if he succeeds, his great-granddaughter might disappear ISBN: 1-58664-244-8 forever

© Songs with Romaji Lyrics

has all the elements of Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | a great anime series”

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60 minutes All Ages/Family +3

as ne tnEnaish ONCE UPON a time, a little doggy poo felt all alone in the world. He believed that nobody | yp Sails ae needed him for anything, and that he had no purpose in life. If only Doggy Poo had a

* Making of Doggy Poo reason for being, then he wouldn't give up on his dream to be useful to the world.

(Original Producers’ Documentary) Collector's Series Edition features a limited edition Original Soundtrack CD! © Original Doggy Poo Pilot . , ; * Alternate Angle Color Storyboards / Best Pilot Prize - Tokyo International Anime Fair 2003 for Entire Program ¢ Music Video Viewer's Choice Award - Big Apple Anime Fest 2003 © Photo Galleries

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ISBN: 1-58664-440-8 872444 $24.95

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BEST PILOT PRIZE Tibye Internati Fray 2003


60 minutes All Ages/Family 3

DVD Features: The award-winning film, complete with amazing bonus features. P e English & Korean with English Subtitles 2003 Korea Cartoon, Animation & Character Excellence Award

e Making of Doggy Poo

(Original Producers’ Documentary) “A visual stunner"

¢ Original Doggy Poo Pilot - Los Angeles Times e Alternate Angle Color Storyboards

for Entire Program "Enjoyable for all ages" ¢ Music Video - Anime Insider

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160 minutes Science Fiction/Action/Adventure 13 DVD Features: Welcome to the year 2010 A.D. the world is covered by a poisonous, bacterial Director's Comments

* Character Gallery cloud and vicious gangs control the cities. A violent crime is committed every 36 © Mini Poster - while supplies last | Seconds. Never fear, here come the Tank Police! Together, this elite squad of lunatics is

taking back the streets by excessive force! UPC: 7-19987-23382-9

Pe ener! From the creator of Ghost in the Shell

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP | “Surreal, outrageous,

752338 and sometimes very sexy” - TV Guide

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135 minutes Fantasy/Action/Adventure 16 DVD Features: A spirited princess flees her kingdom to find adventure and love. But disaster strikes, P e Japanese Trailer

* Art Gallery and she is captured by slave traders! Will her prince arrive in time?

From the writer of Macross, Kimagure Orange Road

UPC: 7-19987-20302-0 z 7 and Sailor Moon 2: The Movie

ISBN: 1-58664-026-7

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90 minutes Fantasy/Action/Adventure 6 a aces fi Diana's spirit was freed by her beloved prince. Now she is revered throughout the

Ces kingdom as the beautiful Slave Queen. But traitors abound, and she must escape the UPC: 7-19987-20572-7 most treacherous of plots.

ISBN: 1-58664-053-4 : . From the director of Ayane’s High Kick

“Similar to The Princess Bride, but there is a lot more sex”

- Askew Reviews Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP |

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i R B 250 minutes Science Fiction 13 i - beiaee Part of Central Park Media’s Collector’s Series, the Gall Force DVD Collection P GaFo,ee} ee ae groups the first four volumes of this classic series together for the first time. Includes

© Gall Force Trilogy and . Rhea Gall Force Trailers the programs Gall Force: Eternal Story, Gall Force 2: Destruction, Gall Force 3: Stardust

War and Rhea Gall Force (Individual volumes are also available).

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UPC: 7-19987-22612-8 ISBN: 1-58664-257- X

Distributor | Catalog / Selection # | SRP 752261 $74.95 PM

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KOCH USC-DV-2261 3029 USMD 2261 $74.95