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President R. A. Faleconer., University of Toronto. CLR.

Dear Sir:-

The Meter Committee of the "National Electric Light Association", affiliated with the "Canadian Electrical Association" aré revising the Meterman's Hand Book, which is the Association's Hand Book on Electrical Meters.

This book was first published about two years ago, end since then, there hes been quite a little discussion 25 +o the proper spelling of several words, such as, "Kilowatt" "Watt-Hour" end "Kilowatt-Hour",

The question has srisen as to whether these ¢ ompound words should be written as single words, or whether there should be a hyphen in each case, between the several component words. These ere used either as Nouns or as Adjectives, depending upon the context. This, may also effect the Spelling of the word.

fhe Committee ‘elt that while they were revising the book, it would be sdvisable to obtein authoritative opinion on this question.

As I am representing the "Canadian Electrical ASSoc- iation™ on this Committee, I was asked to obtein an opinion in Cenada on this matter, and am therefore forwarding this to you, and would appreciate an expression of Opinion.

fhenking you in edvance for your trouble in this connection, I. am,

Very truly yours,

anita ; Gili /K.

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Decerter 2oth, 1914

Seorge &. NVagalhaesi, Psa.!, General ‘Inspeston, The Toronto flectric Light Company, Liwited,


have consulted the Heads of our Departvents of Frysiics

and Plectrical fn¢gineering and tney tell me that the gprellins of the words" Kilowatt?"Watt— Hour"ana"Kilowatt—hour" 3 correct as

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