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WIND GENERATORS 380 WATT 1.14 metre dia blades, carbon matrix blades, 3 year warranty, 12vdc output, 24v_ version available, control electronics included, brushless neodymium cubic curve alternator, only two moving parts, maintenance free, simple roof top installation, start up speed 7mph, max output (3Omph) 380w. £499 ref AIR1 HYDROPONICS DO YOU GROW YOUR OWN? We have a full colour hydroponics catalogue available containing nutrients, pumps, fittings, enviromental control, light fittings, plants, test TELEKINETIC ENHANCER PLANS Mystify and amaze your friends by creating motion with no known apparent means or cause Uses no electrical or mechanical connections, no specia! gimmicks yet produces positive motion and effect. Excellent for science projects, magic shows, party demonstrations or serious research & development of this strange and amazing phychic phenomenon. £4/set Ref F/TKE1.

ELECTRONIC HYPNOSIS PLANS & DATA This data shows several ways to put subjects under your control. Included is a full volume reference text and several construction plans that when assembled can produce highly effective stimuli. This material must be used cautiously. It is for use as entertainment at parties etc only, by those experienced in its use. £15/set. Ref F/EH2.

GRAVITY GENERATOR PLANS This unique pian demonstrates a simple electrical phenomena that produces an anti-gravity effect. You can actually build a small mock spaceship out of simple materials and without any visible means- cause it to levitate. £10/set Ref F/GRA1. WORLDS SMALLEST TESLA COIL/LIGHTENING DISPLAY GLOBE PLANS Produces up to 750,000 volts of discharge, experiment with extraordinary HV effects, 'Plasma in a jar’, St Elmo's fire, Corona, excellent science project or conversation piece £5/set Ref F/BTC1/LG5.

VOICE SCRAMBLER PLANS Minature solid state system turns speech sound into indecipherable noise that cannot be understood without a second matching unit. Use on telephone to prevent third party listening and bugging. £6/set Ref F/VS9.

PULSED TV JOKER PLANS Little hand held device utilises pulse techniques that will completely disrupt TV picture and sound! works on FM too! DISCRETION ADVISED. £8/set Ref F/TJS5. BURNING, CUTTING CO2 LASER PLANS Projects an invisible beam of heat capable of burning and melting materials over a considerable distance. This laser is one of the most efficient, converting 10% input power into useful output. Not only is this device a workhorse in welding, cutting and heat processing materials but it is also a likely candidate as an effective directed energy beam weapon against missiles, aircraft, ground-to-ground, etc. Particle beams may very well utilize a laser of this type to blast a channel in the atmosphere for a high energy stream of neutrons or other particles. The device is easily applicable to burning and etching wood, cutting, plastics, textiles etc £12/set Ref F/LC7.

ULTRASONIC BLASTER PLANS Laboratory source of sonic shock waves. Blow holes in metal, produce ‘cold’ steam, atomize liquides. Many cleaning uses for PC boards, jewllery, coins, small parts etc. £6/set Ref F/ULB1.

ANTI DOG FORCE FIELD PLANS Highly effective circuit produces time variable pulses of accoustical energy that dogs cannot tolerate £6/set Ref F/DOG2

LASER BOUNCE LISTENER SYSTEM PLANS Allows you to hear sounds from a premises without gaining access. £12/set Ref F/ LLIST1

PHASOR BLAST WAVE PISTOL SERIES PLANS Handheld, has large transducer and battery capacity with external controls. £6/set Ref F/PSP4

INFINITY TRANSMITTER PLANS Telephone line grabber/ room monitor. The ultimate in home/office security and safety! simple to use! Call your home or office phone, push a secret tone on your telephone to access either: A) On premises sound and voices or B) Existing conversation with break-in capability for emergency messages. £7 Ref F/TELEGRAB.

ELECTROMAGNETIC GUN PLANS Projects a metal object a considerable distance-requires adult supervision £5 ref F/EML2. ELECTRIC MAN PLANS, SHOCK PEOPLE WITH THE TOUCH OF YOUR HAND! £5/set Ref F/EMA1.


Operates on 9-12vdc, many possible experiments. £10 Ref F/HVM7/ TCL4.

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Works with most modern video's, TV's, Composite monitors, video grabber cards. Pal, 1v P-P, composite, 75ohm, 1/3" CCD, 4mm F2.8, 500x582, 12vdc, mounting bracket, auto shutter, 100x50x180mm, 3 months warranty,1 off price £119 ref XEF150, 10 or more £99 ea 100+ £89

CIRCUIT PACKS Packs of 35 circuit diagrams covering lasers, SW radios, geigers, bugs, char etc. Pack1, Pack2, Pack3 £4.99 each. SMOKE ALARMS Mains powered, made by the famous Gent company, easy fit next to light fittings , power point. £4.99 ref SMKX CONVERT YOUR TV INTO A VGA MONITOR FOR £25! Converts a colour TV into a basic VGA screen. Complete with built in psu, lead and s/ware.. Ideal for laptops or a cheap upgrade. Supplied in kit form for home assembly. SALE PRICE £25 REF SA34

*15 WATT FM TRANSMITTER Already assembled but some RF knowledge will be useful for setting up. Preamp req'd, 4 stage 80- 108mhz, 12-18vdc, can use ground plane, yagi or dipole £69 ref 1021 *4 WATT FM TRANSMITTER KIT Small but powerful FM



"phone orders : 01273 203500

transmitter kit. 3 RF stages, mic & audio preamp inc. £24 ref 1028

PIR CAMERABuit in CCTV camera (composite output) IR strobe light,PIR detector and battery backup. Designed to ‘squirt’ pictures down the ‘phone line but works well as a standalone unit.

Bargain price £49.95 ref SS81, 3 or more £44.95 ref SS80.

4AH D SIZE NICADS pack of 4£10 ref 4AHPK ELECTRIC FENCE KIT Everything you need to build a 12vdc electric fence, complete with 200m of electric fence wire. £49 ref AR2 SENDER KIT Contains all components to build a A/V transmitier complete with case £35 ref VSXX2

UV LIGHTS 4' flourescent 340nm £38.99 ref UV23 33 KILO LIFT MAGNET Neodynium,32mm £15 ref MAG33 10 WATT SOLAR PANEL Amorphous silicon panel fitted in a

anodized aluminium frame. Panel measures 3' by 1’ with screw terminals for easy connection... 3'x 1’ solar panel £55 ref MAG45 Unframed 4 pack (3'x1') £58.99 ref SOLX

12V SOLAR POWERED WATER PUMP Perfect for many 12v DC uses, ranging from solar fountains to hydroponics! Small and compact yet powerful. Will work direct from our 10 watt solar panel in bright sunlight. Max head 17 ft Max flow= 8Lpm,1.5A RefAC8 £18.99 SOLAR ENERGY BANK KIT 50x 6"x12" 6v solar panels(amorphous)+50 diodes £99 ref EF112 PINHOLE CAMERA MODULE WITH AUDIO! Superb board camera with on board sound! extra small just 28mm square (including. microphone) ideal for covert surveillance. Can be hidd®n inside anything , even a matchbox! Complete with 15 metre cable, psu and tv/vcr connnectors. £73.95 ref CC6

SOLAR MOTORS Tiny motors which run quite happily on voltages from3-12vdc. Works on our 6v amorphous 6" panels and you can run them from the sun! 32mm dia 20mm thick. £1.50 each

WALKIE TALKIES 1 MILE RANGE £37/PAIR REF MAG30 DRILL OPERATED PUMP Fits to any drill in seconds, uses standard garden hose, pumps up to 40 gph! £8.99 ref DRL3 GIANT SCREEN VIEWERTum your TV picture into a supersize screen! This high precision Fresnel lens converts even the smallest screen up to a massive 26’, at a fraction ot the cost of a big TV. Easily fitted in minutes. Also ideal for PC monitors etc £26.95 ref SVGA2 TELEPHONES Just in this week is a huge delivery of telephones, all brand new and boxed. Two piece construction with the following features- Illuminated keypad, tone or pulse (switchable), reacall, redial and pause, high/low and off nnger switch and quality construction. finished in a smart off white colour and is supplied with a standard international lead (same as US or modems) if you wish to have a BT lead supplied to convert the phones these are also available at £1.55 each ref BTLX Phones £4.99 each ref PH2


20 character 2 line, 83x19mm £3.99 ref SMC2024A

16 character 4 line, 62x25mm £5.99 ref SMC1640A

40 character 1 line 154x16mm £6.00 ref SMC4011A LM255X HITACHI LAPTOP SCREENS 240x100mm, 640x200 dots. New with data £15 ref LM2


12V 6.5AH, NEW £12 REF BATT12

12V 6.5AH, S/HAND PACK OF 5 £20 REF EF99


THE ULTIMATE ENCLOSURE for your projects must be one of these!Well made ABS screw together beige case measuring 120 x 150 x 50mm Fitted with rubber feet and front mounted LED. Inside is a pcb fitted with other bits and pieces you may find useful. Sold as a pack of five for £10 ref MD1,pack of 20 for £19.95 ref MD2 YOUR HOME COULD BE SELF SUFFICENT IN ELECTRICITY Comprehensive plans with loads of info on designing systems, panels, control electronics etc £7 ref PV1 LOW COST CORDLESS MIC 500' range, 90 - 105mhz, 115g, 193 x 26 x 39mm, 9v PP3 battery required. £17 ref MAG15P1 AUTO SUNCHARGER 155x300mm solar pane! with diode and 3 metre lead fitted with a cigarplug. 12v 2watt. £12.99 REF AUG10P3. SOLAR POWER LAB SPECIAL 2x 6"x6" 6v 130mA cells, 4 LED's, wire, buzzer, switch + 1 relay or motor. £7.99 REF SA27 SOLAR NICAD CHARGERS 4 «x AA size £9.99 ref 6P476, 2 x C size £9.99 ref 6P477

AIR RIFLES .22 As used by the Chinese army for training, so there is a lot about! £39.95 Ref EF78. 500 pellets £4.50 ref EF80.

Interactive websites designed and hosted.






FAX 01273 323077

200 WATT INVERTERS plugs straight into your car

cigarette lighter socket and ts fitted with a 13A socket so you can run your mains operated devices from your car battery. £49.95 ref SS66 THE TRUTH MACHINE Tells if someone is lying by micro tremors intheir voice, battery operated, works in general conversation and on the 'phone and TV as well! £42 49 ref TD3

INFRA RED FILM 6" square piece of flexible infra red film that wil! only allow IR light through. Perfect for converting ordinary torches. lights, headlights etc to infra red output only using standard light bulbs Easily cut to shape. 6" square £15 ref IRF2

HYDROGEN FUEL CELL PLANS Loads of information on hydrogen storage and production. Practical plans to bulid a Hydrogen fuel cell (good workshop facilities required) £8 set ref FCP STIRLING ENGINE PLANS interesting information pack covering all aspects of Stirling engines, pictures of home made engines made from an aerosol can running on acandle! £12 ref STIR2 ENERGY SAVER PLUGS Saves up to 15% electricity when used with fridges, motors up to 2A, light bulbs, soldering irons etc. £9ea ref LOT71, 10 pack £69 ref LOT72.

12V OPERATED SMOKE BOMBS Type 3 is a 12v trigger and 3smoke cannisters, each cannister will filla room ina very short space of time! £14.99 ref SB3. Type 2 is 20 smaller cannisters (suitable for simulated equipment fires etc) and 1 trigger module for £29 ref SB2 Type 1 is a 12v trigger and 20 large cannisters £49 ref SB1

Hi POWER ZENON VARIABLE STROBES Useful 12v PCB fitted with hi power strobe tube and control electronics and speed contro! potentiometer. Perfect for interesting projects etc 70x55mm 12vdc operation. £6 ea ref FLS1, pack of 10 £49 ref FLS2

DRILL OPERATED PUMP Fits to any drill in seconds, uses standard garden hose, pumps up to 40 gph! £8.99 ref DRL3

NEW LASER POINTERS 4 5mw, 75 metre range, hand held unit runs on two AA batteries (Supplied) 670nm. £29 ref DEC49

HOW TO PRODUCE 35 BOTTLES OF WHISKY FROM A SACK OF POTATOES Comprehensive 270 page book covers all aspects of spirit production from everyday materials Includes construction details of simple stills etc. £12 ref MS3 NEW HIGH POWER MINI BUG With a range of up to 800 metres and a 3 days use from a PP3 this is our top selling bug! less than 1" square and a 10m voice pickup range. £28 Ref LOT102. BUILD YOU OWN WINDFARM FROM SCRAP New publication gives step by step guide to building wind generators and propellors. Armed with this publication and a good local scrap yard could make you self sufficient in electricity! £12 ref LOT81

CCTV CAMERA MODULES 46X70X29mm, 30 grams, 12v 100mA. auto electronic shutter, 3.6mm F2 lens, CCIR, 512x492 pixels, video output is 1v p-p (75 ohm). Works directly into a scart or video input on a tv or video. IR sensitive. £49 ref EF 137

IR LAMP KIT Suitable for the above camera, enables the camera to be used in total darkness! £6 ref EF 138

UK SCANNING DIRECTORY As supplied to Police, MOD,M15 and GCHQ! coverers everything from secret government frequencies, eye in the sky, prisons, military aviation etc £18.50 ref SCANB INFRA RED POWERBEAM Handheld battery powered lamp, 4 inch reflector, gives out powerful pure infrared light! perfect for CCTV use, nightsights etc. £29 ref PB1.

SUPER WIDEBAND RADAR DETECTOR Detects both radar and laser , X K and KA bands, speed cameras, and all known speed detection systems. 360 degree coverage, front&r earwaveguides, 1.1"x2.7"x4.6" fits on visor or dash £149 CHIEFTAN TANK DOUBLE LASERS 93 WATT+#3 WATT+LASER OPTICS Could be adapted for laser listener, long range communications etc Double beam units designed tofit in the gun barrel of a tank, each unit has two semi conductor lasers and motor drive units for alignement. 7 mile range, no circuit diagrams due to MOD, new price £50,000? us? £199. Each unit has two gallium Arsenide injection lasers, 1 x 9 watt, 1 x 3 watt, 900nm wavelength, 28vdc, 600hz pulse frequency. The units also contain an electronic receiver to detect reflected signals from targets. £199 Ref LOT4 MAGNETIC CREDIT CARD READERS AND ENCODING MANUAL £9.95 Cased with flyleads, designed to read standard credit cards! complete with control elctronics PCB and manual covering everything you could want to know about whats hidden in that magnetic strip on your card! just £9.95 ref BAR31

EXTERNAL CAMERA Introducing the Bulldog model 4 vandal resistant camera in heavy steel case for interior or exterior use. Top quality case housing a 420 line camera module. Each camera is sup- plied with a 15m cable terminating in Scart and phono plugs. Multi angle bracket for easy installation in any situation. A 12vdc psu is also included. Easily installed in a few minutes, plugs straight into VCR or TV (phono or scart). Bargain price £89.95 ref CC1

3HP MAINS MOTORS Single phase 240v, brand new, 2 pole 340x180mm, 2850 rpm, builtin automatice reset overload protector keyed shaft (40x16mm)Made by Leeson. £99 each ref LEE1 LOPTX Made by Samsung for colour TV £3 each ref SS52 LAPTOP LCD SCREENS 240x175mm, £12 ref SS51

PIR WITH BUILT IN CCTV CAMERA Module also includes an infra red strobe light, battery backup etc. 320x240 pixels, 90x65 field of view. £49.95 ea ref SS81, 3 or more £44.95 ref SS82 WANT TO MAKE SOME MONEY? STUCK FOR AN IDEA? We have collated 140 business manuals that give you infor- mation on setting up different businesses, you peruse these at your leisure using the text editor on your PC. Also included is the certifi- cate enabling you to reproduce (and sell) the manuals as much as you like! £14 ref EP74

HIGH POWER DC MOTORS, PERMANENT MAGNET 12 - 24v operation, probably about 1/4 horse power, body measures 100m x 75mm with a 60mm x 5mm output shaft with a machined flat on it. Fixing is simple using the two threaded bolts protruding from the front. £22 ref MOT4

ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER KIT For the above motor is £19 ref MAG17. Save £5 if you buy them both together, 1 motor plus speed controller rrp is £41, offer price £36 ref MOT5A


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VOL. 27 No. 11 NOVEMBER 1998 The No. 1 Magazine for Electronics Technology and Computer Projects

Projects and Circuits

PIC TAPE MEASURE by John Becker 778 You've got it taped if you PIC this ultrasonic distance measuring calculator T-STAT ELECTRONIC THERMOSTAT - 1 by Andy Flind 796 “if Al Precision control for room heaters up to 3kW sete Hees t PhizzyB COMPUTERS - 1 by Clive “Max” Maxfield, Alvin Brown ieee and Alan Winstanley 808 : Constructing and testing Phizzy’s computer board INGENUITY UNLIMITED hosted by Alan Winstanley 817

Audio Frequency Doubler; Logic Gate Tester, Courtesy Light Delay plus prize winners!


Incease your control options

Series and ‘Features


A new device that provides both current and voltage control

PhizzyB COMPUTERS - 1 by Clive “Max” Maxfield, Alvin Brown

and Alan Winstanley 803 A new series on understanding computers Introducing PhizzyB

and PhizzyB Simulator

EASY PC FOR WINDOWS 95 by Robert Penfold 819 Robert puts the latest No.1 Systems program under the microscope CIRCUIT SURGERY by Alan Winstanley 830

Ripple of Applause; Tool Case; Buffers for Beginners; One in a Million

NET WORK - THE INTERNET PAGE surfed by Alan Winstanley 837 The Internet and Bees; FTP Confusion; Drop in for a Chat; Electronic Links

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INNOVATIONS - Barry Fox highlights technology’s leading edge 787 Plus everyday news from the world of electronics

READOUT John Becker addresses general points arising 790 ELECTRONICS VIDEOS Our range of educational videos 792 EPE CD-ROM No.1 794 The run-down on our free, cover mounted, CD-ROM CD-ROMS FOR ELECTRONICS | 814 Parts Gallery + Electronic Circuits and Components; Digital Electronics SHOPTALK with David Barrington 831 The essential guide to component buying for EPE projects DIRECT BOOK SERVICE 832 A wide range of technical books available by mail order PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD SERVICE 836 , PCBs for EPE projects. © Wimborne Publishing Ltd 1998. Copyright in all ADVERTISERS INDEX 840

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Everyday Practical Electronics, November 1998 769

Surplus always wanted for cash!

Converts your colour monitor into a QUALITY COLOUR TV!!

The TELEBOX is an attractive fully cased mains powered unit, con- taining all electronics ready to plug into a host of video monitors made by makers such as MICROVITEC, ATARI, SANYO, SONY, COMM RE, PHILIPS, TATUNG, AMSTRAD etc. The composite video output will also plug directly into most video recorders, allowin reception of TV channels not normally receivable on most tele sion receivers* (TELEBOX MB). Push button controls on the front panel allow reception of 8 fully tuneable ‘off air’ UHF colour television channels. TELEBOX MB covers virtually all television frequencies VHF and UHF including the HYPERBAND as used by most cable TV ors. A composite video output is located on the rear panel for direct connection to most makes of monitor or desktop t video systems. For complete compatibility - even for monitors with- out sound - an integral 4 watt audio amplifier and low level Hi Fi audio output are provided as standard.

TELEBOX ST for composite video input type monitors £36.95 TELEBOX STL as ST but fitted with integral speaker £39.50 TELEBOX MB Multiband VHF/UHF/Cable/Hyperband tuner £69.95 For overseas PAL versions state 5.5 or 6 mHz sound specification. *For cable / hyperband signal reception Telebox MB should be con- nected to a cable type service. Shipping on all Teleboxe's, code (B)

State of the art PAL (UK spec) UHF TV tuner module

with ite 1V pp video & NICAM hi fi stereo sound

Outputs. Micro electronics all on one small PCB only 73 x

160 x 52 mm enable full software control via a raph a 2 wire link

to any IBM type computer. Supplied complete with 1b working

aly and documentation. Requires +12V & + 5V to operate. RAND NEW - Order as MY00. Only £49.95 code (B)

Massive purchases of standard 5%" and 3%" drives enables us to present prime product at industry beating low prices! All units (unless stated) are BRAND NEW or removed from often brand new equip- ment and are fully tested, aligned and shipped to you with a full 90 day guarantee. Call for over 2000 unlisted drives for spares or repair.

3%” Panasonic JU363/4 720K or equivalent RFE £24.95(B 3%" Mitsubishi MF355C-L. 1.4 Meg. Laptops only £25.95(B 3%" Mitsubishi MF355C-D. 1.4 Meg. Non lapt £18.95(B 5%" Teac FD-55GFR 1.2 Meg (for IBM pc's) RF £18.95(B 5%" Teac FD-55F-03-U 720K 40/80 (for BBC's etc) RFE £29.95(B 5%" BRAND NEW Mitsubishi MF501B 360K £22.95(B Table top case with oa’ PSU for HH 5%" Flopp or HD £29.95(B 8” Shugart 800/801 8" SS refurbished & tested £210.00(E 8” Shugart 810 8" SS HH Brand New £195.00(E 8” Shugart 851 8" double sided refurbished & tested £260.00(E 8" Mitsubishi M2894-63 double sided NEW £295.00(E 8" Mitsubishi M2896-63-02U DS slimline NEW £295.00(E Dual 8" cased drives with integral power supply 2 Mb £499.00(E 2%" TOSHIBA.(19 mm H ) MK2101MAN 2.16 Gb. New £199.00

2%" TOSH.(12.5 mm H) MK1002MAV 1.1 Gb laptop. New £115.00 2%" to 3%" conversion kit for Pc's, complete with connectors £12. 3%" FUJI FK-309-26 20mb MFM I/F RFE £59.95

3%" CONNER CP3024 20 mb IDE I/F (or equiv.) RFE £59.95 3%" CONNER CP3044 40mb IDE W/F (or equiv.) RFE £69.00 3%" RODIME RO3057S 45mb SCSI I/F (Mac & Acom) £69.00 3%" QUANTUM 40S Prodrive 42mb SCSI I/F, New RFE £49.00 3%” WESTERN DIGITAL 850mb IDE I/F New 185.00 5%" MINISCRIBE 3425 20mb MFM I/F (or equiv.) RFE £49.95 5%" SEAGATE ST-238R 30 mb RLL I/F Refurb 9.95 5%° CDC 94205-51 40mb HH MFM I/F RFE tested £69.95 5%" HP 97548 850 Mb SCSI RFE tested £99.00 5%" HP C3010 2 Gbyte SCSI differential RFE tested £195.00 8" NEC D2246 85 Mb SMD interface. New 199.00 8" FUJITSU M2322K 160Mb SMD I/F RFE tested £195.00

8" FUJITSU M2392K 2 Gb SMD I/F RFE tested £345.00 Many other drives In stock - Shiipping on all drives is code (D)

MITS. #=FA3445ETKL 14” industrial spec SVGA monitors £245

1kW to 400 kW - 400 Hz 3 phase power sources - ex stock £POA IBM 8230 Type 1, Token ring base unit driver £760 Wa Kerr RA200 Audio frequency response analyser £2500 IBM 53F5501 Token Ring ICS 20 port lobe modules £750 IBM MAU Token ring distribution panel 8228-23-5050N £95 AIM 501 Low distortion Oscillator 9Hz to 330Khz, IEEE £550 ALLGON 8360.11805-1880 MHz hybrid power combiners £250 Trend DSA 274 Data Analyser with G703(2M) 64 i/o £POA

Marconi 6310 Programmable 2 to 22 GHz sweep generator £6500 Marconi 2022C 10KHz-1GHz RF signal generator £1550 Marconi 2030 opt 03 10KHz-1.3 GHz signal generator,New £5150 HP1650B Logic Analyser £3750

HP3781A Pattern generator & HP3782A Error Detector £POA HP6621A Dual Programmable GPIB PSU 0-7 V 160 watts £1800 HP6264 Rack mount variable 0-20V @ 20A metered PSU £675 HP54121A DC to 22 GHz four channel test set £POA HP8130A opt 020 300 MHz puise rator, GPIB etc £8500 HP A1, AO 8 pen HPGL high s drum plotters - from £950 EG+G Brookdeal 95035C Precision lock in amp £650 View re Mod 1200 computerised inspection system £POA Sony DXC-3000A High quality CCD colour TV camera £1100 Keithley 590 CV capacitor / voltage analyser £POA Racal ICR40 dual 40 channel voice recorder system £3750 Fiskers 45KVA 3 ph On Line UPS - New batteries £9500 ICI R5030UV34 Cleanline ultrasonic cleaning system £POA Mann Tally MT645 High speed line printer £2200 Intel SBC 486/133SE Multibus 486 system. 8Mb Ram £945 Siemans K4400 64Kb to 140Mb demux analyser £2950

DISTEL on the web II -

Open Mon - Fri 9.00 - 5:30 Dept PE , 32 Biggin Way Upper Norwood LONDON SE19 3XF





6,000,000 items EX STOCK


One of the highest specification monitors you will ever see - At this price - Don’t miss it!!

Mitsubishi FA3415ETKL 14” SVGA Multisyne colour monitor with fine : dot pitch tube and resolution of 1024 x 768. A

ers IBM PC's in CGA, EGA, VGA & SVGA (including Amiga 1200),

ARCHIMEDES and APPLE. features: text and LOW TION MPR

ion. Fully guaranteed, supplied in EXCEL-

LENT litle used Order Titt & Swivel Base £4.75 Only £119 © mmssvea VGA cable for IBM PC included.

Extemal cables for other types of computers CALL

As New - Ex Demo 17" 0.28 SVGA Mitsubishi Diamond Pro monitors Full multisyne etc. Full 90 day guarantee. £325.00 (E)

Just In - Microvitec 20" VGA (800 x 600 res.) colour monitors. Good SH condition - from £299 - CALL for Info

PHILIPS HCS35 ee as CM8833) attractively styled 14” colour monitor with both RGB and standard composite 15.625 Khz video Inputs via SCART socket and separate phono jacks. Integral audio power amp and speaker for all audio visual uses. Will connect direct to Amiga and Atari BBC computers. Ideal for all video monitoring / security applications with direct connection to most colour cameras. High oot with many features such as rn ren ae pair ha CR nr ia button etc. Good used con - fully tested - guarant Dimensions: W14" x H123%" x 15%" D. Only £99 ,,

PHILIPS HCS31 Ultra compact 9” colour video monitor with stan- dard composite 15.625 Khz video input via SCART socket. Ideal for all monitoring / security applications. High quality, ex-equipment fully tested & guaranteed (possible minor screen bums). In attrac- tive square black plastic case measuring W10" x H10" x 13%" D.

240 V AC mains powered. Only £79.00 (0)

KME 10" 15M10009 high definition colour monitors with 0.28" dot pitch. Superb clarity and modern styling. Operates from any 15.625 khz sync RGB video 3: source, with RGB analog and oo sync #: such as Atari, Commodore Amiga, Acorn

Archimedes & BBC. Measures only 13%" x 12" x

20" 22" and 26" AV SPECIALS

Superbly made UK manufacture. PIL all solid state colour monitors, complete with composite video & optional sound input. Attractive teak style case. Perfect for Schools, Shops, Disco, Clubs, EXCELLENT little used condition with full 90 day guarantee.

20"....£135 22"....£155 26"....£185 (F)

Virtually every type of power hy let af 4 you can imagine.Over 10,000 Power Supplies Ex Stock Call or see our web site.

lIways over 1000 PC's from stock. 000's of spares and accessories. or see our web site for info.

Intel SBC 486/125C08 Enhanced Multibus (MSA) NEW Zeta 3220-05 AO 4 pen HPGL fast drum plotters

Nikon HFX-11 lg rane control unit £1450 Motorola VME Bus Boards & Components List. SAE / CALL EPOA Trio 0-18 vdc linear, metered 30 amp bench PSU. New £550

£1450 £1150

Fujitsu M3041R 600 LPM band printer £1950 Fujitsu M3041D 600 LPM printer with network interface £1250 Perkin Elmer 299B Infrared spectrophotometer A £500 Perkin Elmer 597 Infrared stoner tng £3500 VG Electronics 1035 TE ing Margin Meter £3750 LightBand 60 ut high 2u rack mount Video VDA's £495

outp spec onic SD 150H 18 channel digital Hybrid chart recorder £1 ne

Taylor Hobson Tallysurf amplifier / recorder £7:

ADC SB200 Carbon dioxide gas detector / monitor £1450

System Video 1152 PAL waveform monitor £485 RITSU 9654A ical DC-2.5G/b waveform monitor £5,650

ANRITSU MS9001B1 0.6-1.7 UM optical spectrum analyser £POA ANRITSU ML93A optical power meter £990

ANRITSU Fibre optic chracateristic test set £POA VISION ENGINEERING TS3 Dynascopic microscope £1850 R&S FTDZ Dual sound unit £650 R&S SBUF-E1 Vision modulator £775 WILTRON 6630B 12.4 / 20GHz RF sweep generator £5750 TEK 2445 150 MHz 4 trace oscilloscope £1250 TEK 2465 300 Mhz 300 MHz oscilloscope rack mount £1955 TEK 1502 Portable TDR (time domain reflectometer) £600 PHILIPS PW1730/10 XRAY generator with accessories £POA CLAUDE LYONS 12A 240V single phase auto. volt. regs £325

CLAUDE LYONS 100A 240/415V 3 phase auto. volt. regs. £2900

Surplus alway wanted for cas

Superb quality 6 foot 40U Virtually New, Ultra Smart

Less than Half Price!

Top quality 19" rack cabinets made in UK Optima Enclosures Ltd. Units feat designer, smoked acrylic lockable front & full height lockable half louvered back ¢ and louvered removable side panels. F adjustable internal fixing struts, ready punci for any configuration of equipment moun, plus ready mounted integral 12 way 13 @ socket switched mains distribution strip m these racks some of the most versatile have ever sold. Racks may be stacked side by side and theref require only two side panels to stand re} or in multiple bays. Overall dimensions are: 77%" H x 32%" D x 22" W. Order as: OPT Rack 1 Complete with removable side panels. £345.00

OPT Rack 2 Rack, Less side panels £245.00

| 32U - High Quality - All steel RakCa

Made by Eurocraft Enclosures Ltd to the highest possible s; rack features all steel construction with removable side, front and back doors. Front and back doors are Se hinged for easy access and all are lockable with five secure 5 lever barrel locks. The front door £ is constructed of double walled steel with a § ‘designer style’ smoked acrylic front panel to : enable status indicators to be seen through the & pene’, yet remain unobtrusive. Internally the rack Ege eatures fully slotted reinforced vertical fixing § members to take the heaviest of 19” rac equipment. The two movable vertical fixing struts (extras available) are pre punched for standard ‘cage nuts’. A mains distribution panel internal- 532: ly mounted to the bottom rear, provides 8 x IEC 3 ERs pin Euro sockets and 1 x 13 amp 3 pin switched <= utility socket. Overall ventilation is provided by fully louvered back door and double skinned top section with top and side louvres. The top panel may be removed for fil of Integral fans to the sub plate etc. Other features include: fi. castors and floor levelers, prepunched utility panel at lower rear cable / connector access etc. Supplied in excellent, slightly u condition with keys. Colour Royal biue. External dimensic mm=1625H x 635D x 603 W. ( 64” H x 25” D x 23%” W )

Sold at LESS than a third of makers price !!

A superb buy at only £245.00 « 42U version of the above only £345 - CALL

A special bulk purchase from a cancelled export order brings ' the most a ng savings on these ultra high spec 12v DC 14 rechargeable batteries. Made by Hawker Energy Ltd, type SK featuring pure lead plates which offer a far superior shelf & guar. teed 15 year service life. Fully BT & BS6290 approved. Supp’ BRAND NEW and boxed. Dimensions 200 wide, 137 high, 77

M6 bolt terminals. Fully guaranteed. Current makers price over

each 'Our Price £35 each or 4 for £99

Save ££££'s by choosing your next relay from our Mass stocks covering types such as - Military, Octal, Cra Hermetically Sealed, Contactors, Time Delay, Reed, Merc Wetted, Solid State, Printed Circult Mounting, CALL US W. YOUR NEEDS. Many obsolete types from stock. Save ££££'s

INTEL ‘ABOVE’ Memory Expansion Board. Full length PC- and PC-AT compatible card with 2 Mbytes of memory on bo: Card is fully selectable for Expanded or Extended (286 proces and above) memory. Full data and driver disks eure . Ri bo! tested and guaranteed. Windows compatible. 9.95

Half length 8 bit memory upgrade cards for PC AT XT expand.

memory either 256k or 512k in 64k steps. May also be used to fill

in RAM above 640k DOS limit. Complete with data.

Order as: XT RAM UG. 256k. £34.95 or 512k £39.95 _SIMM

1MBx9 SIMM 9 chip 120ns Only £8.50

1MBx9 SIMM3chip80ns £10.50 or 70ns £11.95

1MBx9 SIMMQchip 80ns £10.50 or 70ns £11.75

4 MB 70 ns 72 pin SIMM _-with parity- Only £35.00

INTEL 486-DX33 CPU £19.95 INTEL 486-Dx66 CPU £59.00

FULL RANGE OF CO-PROCESSOR'S EX STOCK - CALL FOR £££ MOTOROLA 25 Mhz 68040 (XC68040RC25M) CPU'S £59.0( shipping charges for RAM / CPU upgrades is code B

NT4 WorkStation, complete with service pack and licence - OEM packaged. Special Price ONLY £99.00 Microsoft - Windows for Workgroups 3.11 & DOS 6.22. 7 on 3%" disks with licence & concise documentation. t DOS 5.0 on 3%" disks with concise books c/w QBasic . £14./ Wordperfect 6 for DOS supplied on 3%" disks with manual £24.

shipping charges for software is code B

er 146,000,000 items from stock -’

Quarantees on a retum to base

order ean (OD | 28, |e Sl YEARS shocke [iavourha te vcharia Top AGH tons cot or errant patie Aedes tradenames etc

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FAX 0181 679 1927


Mind PiCkler

Andy Flind has brought the power of the PIC to his latest “Mind Machine”. At around half the size and weight of his 1996 design, the new version operates from a single PP3 and has pushbutton selection of seven built-in programs and operating times.

This project represents a huge improvement over earlier designs and is much easier to get working. Use PIC power for relaxation with this exceptional new design.


j a A miniature hand-held audio function

a generator with a useable frequency output from below 50Hz to over 20kHz switched in three overlapping ranges. Producing sine, square and triangle waveforms, this little unit will provide an invaluable signal source for any workshop.

CESERSEEE E58 32 138 bsititeasiatiiiae:


With every copy of the December 98 issue we will give away a Free 48 page booklet on Passive Components, covering:

@ Resistors and Potentiometers

@ Sensor Resistors: Varistors, Thermistors and Light Dependent Resistors

@ Capacitors @ Variable Capacitors

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Everyday Practical Electronics, November 1998

prism AUDIO

INTRODUCING... * bee onan, ee tec nee . . * Internal Heatsin nvection ing The Prism Audio range short circuit Overload Protection of audio amplifiers Thermal Overload Protection Only a phone call away !! PSU Available Separately


Analogue and Digital Electronics Circuits, Fibres & Opto-Electronics Programmable Logic Controllers Mechanics and Mechanisms GCSE and BTEC Mathematics

“== Courses to suit beginners

and those wishing to update

their knowledge and practical skills “= Courses are delivered as self-contained kits No travelling or college attendance Learning is at your own pace Courses may have BTEC Certification and Tutoring

AMPLIFIER MTKSOF Output Power (4 Ohms) 50 100 150 Watts Freq. Response - 3dB 5-50

NEWI!I! BASS BOX DESIGN SERVICE Not sure what size or shape of box to bulld for optimum quality output?

For information contact:

NCT Ltd., P.O. Box 11

Wendover, Bucks HP22 6XA

Telephone 01296 624270; Fax 01296 625299 Web:

Let us design for you, using the very latest computer technology. Sealed, Ported & Band Pass enciosures for Sub and Bass. We

Prism Audio Limited - Wharfebank Business Centre - likley Road Otley W. Yorkshire - LS21 3JP - UK. Tel:- +44(0)1943 850710 - Fax:- +44(0)1943 468335 We accept Mastercarc a/Delta/Switch

- ot!

adio - Tech

Radio Modules at Lower Prices than any catalogue, Guaranteed !



A comprehensive range of Miniature Hand and Power Tools and now an extensive range of Electronic Components featured in a fully illustrated

336-page Mail Order Catalogue

1999 Issue


For your free copy of our catalogue write, telephone or fax to:

Squires, 100 London Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 1DD cunccann Led: 01243 842424

Fax: 01243 $42525

772 Everyday Practical Electronics, November 1998

TXM-418-A (9V)

TXM-418-A or F Transmitter | TXM-418-F (3V)

ail Catalogue RRP*™ |Our Price |

menets E SILRX-418-A nt ely or SILRX-418-A or F Receiver | sii Rx-418-F BIM-418-F BIM-433-F

TXM-173.225 (imW) or TXM-173.225- (10mW)


RXM-173.225-4666-60 “**Typical Catalogue Company RRP effective Jan 1998 ex VAT VHF Security Receiver

Prices Exclude VAT and Carriage. P & P add £1.50 for orders < £ 100.00 otherwise £6.00 of next day delivery.

Telephone Sales 01992 576107 wm Fax 01992 561994 e-mail:


RAN GER 2 for Windows 95"

The Complete, Tavesttecteste Demo Software - available from our Web Address Schematic & PCB Layout Package

Windows Ranger 2 For Windows 95 & NT

Ranger 2 Outputs: Full Windows Outputs

* New Hierarchical Circuit z Pius pes * Split Bevices * Gate & Pin Swap Pec * New Edit Devices in Circuit AutoCad DXF

* Copper Fill * Power Planes ¢ Autorouter * Back Annotation

Windows Ranger 2 with Specctra SP2 Ranger & Specctra Autorouter provide the most cost effective PCB Design system available.A powerful, intuitive system at an outstanding price!

Windows Ranger 2 Upgrade Upgrade your existing PCB Package to Windows Ranger 2.

NeAORVmOweO a Ranger 2 Lite £35 = (Prices exc VAT/P&P)

Demo Software -download from MEE THIEN 1/2 Fax 0) l 730 267 pi) Oo NT te ous 5 J Advanced =" & Technology for PCB ==

ck! 7 ALE!





27D Park Road - Southampton - SO15 3UQ0

TELEPHONE: 01703 236363 FAX: 01703 236307 E-Mail: INTERNET:

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